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Institutional Research and Assessment

Mission Statement

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Institutional Research and Assessment (IRA) is by definition and purpose, a form of applied social and evaluative research, that also serves as the primary coordinator and monitor for all external reporting. Office staff collects and verify all information and review all reports submitted to state, federal and other external sources. The office also provides data and information to the central administration when necessary or requested that may be useful as they engage in decision making or strategic planning. Additionally, IRA supplies data and information from internal and external sources, integrating the quantitative and qualitative aspects to and for both internal and external requests.

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment, when required or requested, assists with assessing the extent to which academic and support programs contribute to the attainment of the mission and long-range goals of the university. The office also serves to enhance institutional effectiveness with information to support operations management, decision making, and planning processes of individual units and executive administration. The cataloging of assessment processes will be ongoing for the overall evaluation of the university at large and individual units, when applicable, to assist the university and units in improving their assessment process. Finally, the activity will continue with the process of networking the IRA office with the university’s central database to enhance access to and accuracy of data and information for reporting and decision making processes.

The office will increase its capacity relative to becoming the clearinghouse and analysis center of institutional data for the central administration and university community. The long term objective is for the office to serve as a primary information source for the central administration as it engages in decision making and strategic planning. The office will increase levels of cataloging and assistance in assessment processes by providing necessary documentation to enable the university and units therein to more effectively and efficiently utilize resources and deliver services.